DJI Agras T50
DJI Agras T50
DJI Agras T50
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Load image into Gallery viewer, DJI Agras T50
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DJI Agras T50

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DJI's Flagship Spraying Drone

Revolutionized Agricultural Drone Operation brought by DJI Agras T50

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EVO II Gimbal Camera - HSE-UAV

EVO II Gimbal Camera



  • Great for Vineyards

  • Swarmable

  • Rotary Atomization

  • Great for Orchards

  • Great for Nurseries

  • FAA Approved

  • 3-in-1 Sprays, Seeds, Maps

Capacity: 10.5 Gal /13.2 Gal (40L/50L) |  Swath: 36ft |  Max Flow: 6.3 gal/min (24 LPM )

Spray System

  • 10.5-gallon liquid tank designed to empty in under 3 minutes
  • Estimated 36-foot swath with pattern consistency across the entire swath
  • Up to four rotary style nozzles spray through centrifugal force rather than pressure, making
    adjusting droplet size as easy as clicking a button
  • Magnetic drive impeller pump with up to 6.34 gal/min (4 nozzles) and 4.23 gal/min (2
  • Live level meter, in addition to on-board scales, provide readings of the remaining volume of
    liquid in tank signaling time remaining in field

Spreader System

  • 19.8-gallon spreader tank designed to hold 110 lbs of granular material
  • Get higher spreading efficiency with the spiral channel spinner disk
  • A jam-free, high-torque spreading motor

Efficiency & Operations

  • Improved terrain following ability with up to 50° in spraying/spreading missions
  • 2 sets of binocular vision and 2 omnidirctional
    radars helping to achieve maximum efficiency
    terrain following and obstacle bypassing
  • 12 mega-pixel camera with adjustable angles
    for a smooth and crisp view
  • 4 aircraft image transmission antennas
  • Complete mapping capability


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