DJI Relay (Global)

DJI Relay (Global)

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Increase Signal Transmission for better farming operations across various terrains.

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Taking Care of Signal Interruptions

Signal hiccups between your drone and its controller can be dangerous and annoying, especially if they are brought on by tall crops, thick foliage, or mountainous terrain. These interruptions increase the chance of signal loss and can cause display lags. To overcome this difficulty and increase the dependability of your drone operations, DJI developed the Relay Module.


Firmware Suggestions

It's crucial to make sure your devices are running the most recent firmware updates in order to maximise your experience with the DJI Relay Module. The following variants are suggested:

  • Aircraft: 01.01.0510
  • Remote Controller: 01.01.0837
  • App: 6.5.19


Simple Pairing Procedure

It's simple to connect your DJI Relay Module to your AGRAS drone. Just turn on the module, start pairing it with your remote controller, and watch for the signal lights to come on to show that the connection worked.


Power for Long Workdays

The DJI Relay Module supports charging via a PD protocol power bank for extended workdays in the field. Even in remote situations far from conventional power sources, keep your Relay charged and prepared.


Installation Advice and Warnings

For maximum signal coverage, it's important to put your relay module in the right location. Within your area of activity, try to find a central, elevated place. The Relay Module can be installed on an appropriate pole and tripod base customised to your particular terrain and crop requirements, but a standard tripod connector is required for installation and is not included in the package. Please be aware that the Relay Module should not be used during thunderstorms for safety reasons and that it should be mounted at least 2 metres above the crop canopy that you intend to spray.


Connection to a Stable Signal

The DJI Relay Module offers a never before seen signal steadiness. You can rely on a secure, consistent connection even while your drone manoeuvres across impassable terrain. With the DJI Relay Module, a new benchmark in cutting-edge drone technology, you can improve your agricultural drone operations right away.