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HSE'S Cellular Plan for Drones gives you the coverage you need for your XAG or DJI drones at a great price!

Purchasing this includes us shipping you a new HSE SIM card(s) and begins your monthly cellular data plan subscription.

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HSE has you covered with our new cellular data plans backed by AT&T for customers in the U.S.
NOTE: Ordering this product will ship a new (activated) SIM card to you at the address you provide, then the subscription will automatically bill you each month. If you already have a SIM card(s) from HSE, and just need to activate them, go here.


HSE'S Drone Cell Plans Feature:

  • Pause, Resume or Stop your service at any time for free (i.e., seasonally) 
  • 2GB per month per card (most drones use about ~1GB/mo), $10 per month for another 2GB
  • Reliable and robust coverage from AT&T
  • Ready-to-use
  • HSE Technical Support

Cell Plan Costs:

  • $20 per month per card including 2GB of data per month. 
  • Pause, Resume or Cancel at any time for free - there are no monthly charges for paused plans
  • All plans require automatic payment from a Visa or Mastercard
  • Get up to 4GB per month shared across all of your cards for just $10 additional per month
  • U.S. Customers Only

How many SIM cards do I need?

  • XAG drones need 2 cards, one in the RC and one in the drone ($40/month) 
  • DJI drones need 1 card in the RC ($20/month)

Do I need a SIM card for my drone?

Drones these days are like most smart devices - they have frequent software updates and sync (backup) to the cloud. That being said, you don't *have to* use a SIM card in your drone... they just make things more convenient. 
Drones connected via cellular get these goodies:

  • Most up-to-date map data for easier field planning
  • Real-time firmware & software updates (non-intrusive)
  • Immediate syncing of spray jobs & flight logs
  • For XAG drones, connection range can be extended via cellular instead of remote control signal
  • Access to local CORS (RTK) networks for centimeter precision (so you don't have to buy your own local RTK base station. 

Carrier-specific SIMs connect to one carrier only. Although we offer cellular SIM cards for all of the major U.S. Carriers, we have found that the AT&T network is the most reliable for XAG & DJI Drones.
Check your local coverage HERE!

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