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Homeland Surveillance & Electronics LLC (HSE) supplies commercial-grade drones that are designed for a variety of drone applications. Possessing superior capabilities, long flight times, size, and dimensional stability compared to hobbyist drones, our innovative technology is used for the most demanding commercial UAV applications in the following industries and endeavors, among others:


Our drones offer 60 minutes of flight time. Additionally, our optional automated photo software (“post processing”) lets you capture time-lapse photos, 3D maps and videos of broad expanses from extreme altitudes that most drones cannot reach. Our technology simplifies recording detailed maps of elevation, structures, and volumes. Fully autonomous autopilots let you create specific flight plans using digitized maps using precise “waypoints” to chart your flight mission from launch to landing. This is key to producing consistent and repeatable data acquisition from your drone.

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Our UAVs are specially designed for professional drone applications, allowing you to choose equipment that has the precise capabilities you need, without investing in options that aren’t ideal for your missions. In addition, we offer drone flight training through our Factory Certified UAV Pilot Training Program, so you can confidently use your drone at full capacity and efficiency.

For questions about drone applications for a particular model or to receive a free quote, please contact us today. We look forward to supplying the best commercial UAV technology

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